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About Vivi

Hi~ Welcome to my commission page. My name is Vivi, I’m a digital artist based in Canada and I stream part time on the side. Art has always been more than a hobby for me and something that pushes me to grow every single day. For the time being I’m currently pursuing art as a career and developing and evolving as an artist. This is my passion and I plan on continuing to pursue it for as long as I possibly can.


Please read everything carefully before choosing to commission me!

GENERAL INFO>You will not receive any physical prints, nor are you allowed to make any profits off my work. (Must let me know if you're using for commercial purposes)
>I hold full rights to the artwork, which means I may post it on my socials. As well as stream the process on Twitch unless asked not to.
>You must give proper credits to me. You are NOT allowed to claim it as your own artwork!
>Rush request (50% of total commission price) can be requested to bump your commission up to the top of the queue.
>Please do not ask me to draw in a style that is not my own.
COMMERCIAL INFOThe added price is dependent on the type of commercial business you're intending to do with the artwork.
>1.5x price: art used for social media platforms that generate monetary profit (twitch, youtube, patreon,personal site), promotional/branding purposes, and game assets.
>2x price: art used for merchandise such as stickers, charms, tshirt, postcards, prints etc.
ORDER AND PAYMENT>Clients are required to provide a clear reference of character that's being commissioned unless it is a full character design commission.
>Commissions are selected based on how well I can fulfill your request, I do reserve the right to decline your commission if I think the project doesn't fit with my style.
>After discussing with me about details I will send an invoice via Paypal. You must send the half or the >full payment before any work begins.
Full refunds are allowed to be requested if the commission has not been started on.
>After the sketch phase has been approved by the client, it is no longer refundable.
LIVE2D RIGHTS>You must give proper credits to me as the artist on your platforms
>You may not alter the model I have created for you in any way without my permission.
By commissioning me,you have read and accepted all the terms above.

Thankyou for reading! ♡

Thigh up


★Single character on a simple BG
★comes with transparent png



★Single character on a simple BG
★comes with transparent png

FULL Illustration

Full body:1000+USD
Half body: 800+USD

★Includes background, more complex lighting and pose


Full body:150+USD

★Booty illustration for any character/oc


1000 USD

★Front view + back view
★Accessories, weapons, and extra outfits may be requested for an additional charge.

Ref sheet

530 USD

★Front view + back view, you can also choose to have a pet or weapon to be drawn as well


Single Chibi 75 USD
Couple Chibi 150 USD

★ Full Chibi
★ Transparent BG + single color BG
★ Additional items $10 each



★ May be used for Twitch,Discord,Youtube
★ Comes in 3 sizes (28,56,112px)

Sub Badges


★ May be used for Twitch,Discord,Youtube
★ Comes in 3 sizes (18,36,72px)


(online commercial rights are included)

★ You'll receive a psd file that is cut, cleaned, and ready for rigging as well as a png for showcases. The price includes 4 facial expression stickers eg. starry eyes, heavy blush, crying tears,angry
Please know that costs will be affected by the design complexity
★Commercial fees are already included in the prices below

price list

Extra Add Ons 
Full Body$1000+
Additional outfits$300 - $500
Additional Hair$100 - $150

Model art example